Some people wanted to put their creative imaginations into the photos they took but they do not have the software or photo-editing tool installed in their computers to do the job. Because of this, they are forced to be limited on the picture they took and make it as the finished product. Good thing, there are websites that offer free online photo editing tools. One of the websites that provide this kind of service is called is one of the websites that offer free photo editing tools online. It supports different file formats including GIF, JPEG, BMP and PNG. Aside from picture file formats, it also supports several video file formats including AVI, MPG and FLV.

You can start using lunapic by going to their website After launching the website, you can immediately start editing your photo by uploading it. There is a button that will allow you to browse thru your saved photo file from your computer or to access an uploaded photo in the Internet by putting the link to the photo. After choosing the photo to work on, you should upload the photo if the photo is a saved image on your computer or click the Go button if your photo is already uploaded on a different website.

After launching the website, you will also notice the toolbox located at the left side of the window. It contains different photo editing controls that will allow you to cut, add text, paste or erase on the image you are currently working on. As you click into one of the controls, you will be directed to another page that contains more actions to choose from. A section in the button part of the screen has short descriptions on how these actions works.

Lunapic also allows a user to adjust the color of the image. There are several color schemes to choose from that will allow you to modify your photos according to the result that you want to achieve. You may change the image to a black and white scheme or to sharpen the image. Aside from color schemes, there are effects available in lunapic as well. You may incorporate a Polaroid picture effect or to make it appear as if it was a sketch. There are lots of color schemes and effects to choose from that will surely tickle your creativity.

Aside from adding different color schemes and effects, you could add animation in the picture. There are lots of default animation schemes like the sparkles effect that will add a glittering animation to the image or the snow effect that will add snow-like images slowly falling down. Discover different animations in lunapic and what it could do to your images. You will surely love the results and make you try each of the available animations.

Aside from uploading a picture or working on an existing photo available online, you could also work from a blank template and create your own work of art. Each action that you choose to be done on the image you are currently working on could be undone. Aside from that, you may choose to download, save or host your finished product.