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You DO NOT need to download our software to get your robot to talk on AIM.

To sign on your bot, use the "Sign on Bot" link in your Control Panel

New: Mod Edit Version 3 for Windows
Edit AIML Modules for your Runabot.
New Features
  • Find & Replace feature
  • Insert feature (Useful to add < font > tags to every reply)
  • New AIML Tutorial
  • drop down list with the most common variables used for easy access.
Download: ModEdit Version 3 Release
Created by Robbie Fisher

Old, unsupported chat runners:
You may need to first upgrade to version 2.0b2. Then, you need to run your bot and signon:
  • Go to Your "Start" menu -> "Programs" -> "WCRobot" -> "Run WCRobot".
  • A Signon screen should appear. Enter your robot's screenname and password.
  • Your bot should signon and be able to chat
New Users: DO NOT Download the program below.

Windows Installer: Advanced
Note: if you have the previous version of WCRobot, you need to uninstall it
You need to Download and run the following program:

OLD UNSUPPORTED RunABot Chat Runner 5.4Mb.

New users should use The Control Panel to sign on your bot.

Linux / Max OS X Versions
These versions are for slightly more advanced users with Mac OS X or Linux or other *nix operating systems. You may need:

Java Runtime for linux 5.5Mb or Java Runtime for Mac OS X
You will need RunABot Library 55k.

To run the bot on OS X, you can just Double click on the BotWeb.jar file!

To run the bot on Linux, type
/JAVAPATH/java -cp /JARPATH/BotWeb.jar RobotFrame (replace JAVAPATH and JARPATH to the locations on your system.)

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