Develop your own system call

Help up make new system calls

If you are a good programmer, you may be able to help us program new system calls that grab live info from the web, play games, or do other stuff. These mini programs can be programed in c/c++/perl for linux machines. We can help you adapt your favorite command line program for the bots!

System Call Basics

Simple Example: Reverse

program listing


  # reverse the word in an input string

  # take input, split words, reverse list and print out

  print join(" ", reverse split(/ /, $ARGV[0]));
then, this program would be submitted to us and approved as a new system call. Once implemented, it could be executed like so:
 ASK: reverse * 
 REPLY: <system>reverse <star></system>

    user: reverse can you speak backwards
    bot: backwards speak you can