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Advanced AIML Programming

Here is a summary of the systems commands supported by the RunABot servers. They can provide your bot with a variety of up to date information and dynamic services. Many examples are given in the Modules section. Or, if you are a programmer, develop your own system calls!
The system tag can only be used in the "Bot Reply" section of custom replies and modules (link from your control panel.
Usage: <SYSTEM>command options</SYSTEM>
Commands [ log | showlog | email | weather | liveweather | calculate | date | fortune | search | translate | figlet | define | hangman | random | delay | shuffle | elibs | resetelibs | math | showmath | ipounce | lcase | ucase | capitalize | blog | zodiac | reverse | worldnews | calvin | southpark | futurama | xfiles | starwars | numberguess | searchlog url ]
Command: email [ For use by Premium Subscribers Only! ]
Options: email-address email message
Description: Sends out an email message!
Example: <system>email Hi there!</system>
Output: ( There is no output in the messenger window, you should add another message after the system call )
  from: Your-Bot-Name @
  Subject: RunABot Bot Mail 
  Hi There!
Command: log [ For use by Premium Subscribers Only! ]
Options: logname message
Description: Saves data to a logfile
See Also: showlog to see what's in a logfile
Example: <system>log guestbook hi there</system>
Output: ( There is no output in the messenger window, you should add another message after the system call )
( Action performed: "hi there" would be saved to your logfile "guestbook" )
Command: showlog [ For use by Premium Subscribers Only! ]
Options: logname
Description: Shows random entry from a logfile
See Also: log to make a log file
Example: <system>showlog guestbook</system>
Output: (random line from guestbook)
  hi there
Command: weather
Option: zipcode
Description: Local weather forcast for zip code.
Example: <system>weather 10128</system>
Output: Your Weather: Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low near 27F. Winds NNW 15 to 20 mph. Tomorrow: A few clouds from time to time. Gusty winds diminishing in the afternoon. High near 43F. Winds NNW 20 to 30 mph and gusty. Tomorrow night: Clear skies. Low near 31F. Light NW winds.
Command: liveweather
Option: zipcode
Description: Current local weather conditions for zip code.
Example: <system>liveweather 10128</system>
Output: Weather last updated 9:51 PM EDT July 23, 2002 Overcast 73 F Humidity: 93% Dew Point: 71 F Wind: ENE at 8 MPH Barometer: 30.07 in. Visibility: 8 Miles 1
Command: calculate
Option: math equation
Description: Simple calculator for solving math problems
Example: <system>calculate 10 x 3 </system>
Output: 10*3 = 30
Command: date
Option: none
Description: Displays current date and time
Example: <system>date </system>
Output: Sun Feb 17 23:56:33 EST 2002
Command: fortune
Option: none
Description: display random fotune cookie
Example: <system>fortune </system>
Similar: Other random quotes can be made using: xfiles, starwars, futurama and calvin. All those give a respective random quote.
Command: search
Option: keyword
Description: Search for websites with keyword. Return top three links.
Example: <system>search games </system>
Output: I found Games and More Games and Wayland's Forge and Adi's Games
Command: translate
Option: translator, phrase
Description: translates the the given phrase to the given "dialect". Available dialects are backward, biff, chef, cockney, drawl, e, hacker, jive, mrt, redneck, rot, smurf, jarjar
Example: <system>translate piglatin hello there</system>
Output: ellohay erethay
Command: figlet
Option: font, phrase
Description: Use figlet to create the phrase using the given figlet font. List of fonts supported here.
Example: <system>figlet rozzo hello </system>
888 888         888 888           
888 888  ,e e,  888 888  e88 88e  
8888888 d88 88b 888 888 d888 888b 
888 888 888   , 888 888 Y888 888P 
888 888  "YeeP" 888 888  "88 88"  
Command: define
Option: word
Description: Look up a word in the dictionary.
Example: <system>define robot </system>
Output: robot - (r b t, -b t ) n. A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks on com A machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control. A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others.
Command: hangman
Option: user input
Description: Play the game Hangman. See the Hangman module to see how to pass user input correctly.
Example: <system>hangman </system>
Ok, Let's play Hangman!
  Please enter a single letter guess.
You have guessed: 
You have 8 misses left.

_ _ _ _ _
Guess a letter:
Command: random
Option: wordlist or list of words
Description: In progress way of picking from a random list of works. (alternate version of the | random usage)
Example: <system>random red green blue </system>
Output: red
(Undocumented commands: elibs | resetelibs | ipounce | zodiac | reverse | worldnews | calvin | southpark | futurama | xfiles | starwars | numberguess | searchlog )
Command: delay
Option: number of seconds
Description: Adds X number of seconds delay to bot reply. (you can also use the WPM option in bot settings)
Example: <system>delay 5 </system>
Output: (output delayed by 5 seconds, no additional output by system call)
Option: no options
Description: Suffles a deck of cards ( as variables)
Example: <system>shuffle </system>
Output: (no output, however 52 card variable will be set card1..card52)
Command: lcase, ucase, capitalize
Option: words or phrases to change case
Description: Changes the case of input. ucase = uppercase, lcase = lower case, captitalize = initial case
Example: <system> ucase SomeThing </system>
Command: blog (for premium users only)
Option: email address of blog
Description: will send a blog message to an email account. takes the original users input and puts in body of message
Example: <system> Blog </system>
Output: (no user output, messages is sent to email address)
Command: math, showmath
Option: equation to be solved
Description: performs math operations with variables. Showmath will output the result, "math" will not produce an output.
Example: <system>showmath x = 5 + 2 * 3 </system>
Output: (x is set to 11) 11
Command: url
Option: url to be loaded
Description: gets the url, includes paramaters in the url
Example: <system>url<sn> </system>
Output: contents of the url